Roofer’s Guide to Google’s Local Services Ads

Roofer’s Guide to Google’s Local Services Ads

Google Ads serves as an online advertising platform that Google provides. It allows business owners to create online ads to connect with people by offering them the services they require through Google search. 

Google Ads has recently introduced Local Services Ads, a new kind of paid search ad with a little twist. They enhance the efficiency of the process that connects business owners and clients. 

What are Local Services Ads?

If you are new to Local Services Ads, you need to know that they are pay per lead and not pay per click like traditional ads. They are designed specifically to search for reliable leads for you and, at the same time, provide users with the required search results.

What is the Difference Between Traditional Ads and Google Local Services Ads?

Like traditional ads, also known as pay-per-click (PPC), Google Local Services Ads appear at the very top of the search engine results page. Still, in contrast to pay-per-clicks, Google displays them by placing them right above PPCs and organic search results and specifically targets them to customers in your area.

In contrast to traditional pay-per-click adsGoogle Local Services Ads are charged by leads relevant to your business or services, not simply by a click. When finalising your budget, you will be asked the average number of leads you require per week and the weekly spend that suits you.

What does a Google Local Services Ad Look Like?

Since Google can generate these ads from your business profile alone, you are not required to create the ad or any meta text/copy. Here is an example of a local services ad on a search engine results page:

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Above is an example of a recent Local services ad we created for a client, HP Roofing

What is the Purpose of Google Services Ads?

Local services ads are created to take advantage of the combination of specific transactional search intent and Google’s location services.

If your services are aimed at a specific area or located in a brick-and-mortar establishment in that zone, you can use a Google Services Ad.

What are the Benefits of using Google Local Services Ads?

Through Google Local Services Ads, you do not have to go through testing to find relevant users or perform keyword research.

What Services Are Available Through Google Service Ads?

To aid your requirements currently, there is an array of eligible services for sponsored local listings on Google.

You can easily advertise the services of your business with Google Local Services Ad, whether you run it collectively or independently. You can also portray yourself as a local professional in the latter case.

Who Can Use Local Ads Services?

Professional services by Google and Local Services Ads are provided to local-based professional services like Roofers, Plumbers, Accountants, Lawyers, Electricians etc. Before you can sign up for them, Google proceeds to analyse your eligibility for the process.

You can determine whether your business abides by Local Services Ad requirements through the eligibility checker. In this way, you can check if these services are available for your field in your specific area through the help of checkboxes and drop-down menus.

Creating a Google Local Services Ad

Google itself can create an ad for you based on your location, unique features, availability of services, and even business hours and then present it to potential clients that may be searching for several keywords relevant to your expertise.  

Distinguishing between Google Local Services and paid search is important because they are not separate. Instead, they complement each other.

Potential customers may select your services and choose you over another local services ad result because your business is listed among the organic or paid options, so seeing both helps make a better conversion rate.

Google needs to know what you do, where you are currently, and your budget limits.  Information you provide helps them get the idea about who to display your ad to and analyse your competitors in that area and the challenges you might have to overcome for the smooth sailing of your business.

Thanks to google, you can adjust the location to which your ad will be shown by specifying the same streets!

If you are new to using the Google Local Services Ad, it would be best for you to start with at least twenty leads in a week to ensure that you can see the results you want. 

 If you need help setting up Google Ads or auditing your existing Google Ads campaign, we can do it for you free of cost to get you started with it. Contact us today

How does Budgeting Work? 

Your budget is basically calculated after analysing the number of people that click on your ad and contact you for your services.

In addition, you need to note that your Local Services Ads budget is separate from your Google Ads budget, and if you have both kinds of ads, that just means you have to keep track of two types of budgets!

How do Customers Approach You? 

Customers can click on your ad to find out about your services, opening hours, share a message with you, or give you a call, but you do not have to pay anything unless they choose to contact you.

Key Takeaways

Google local services ads allow businesses to place ads on search engines targeting potential customers belonging to specific areas. Once a person clicks on an ad, they can contact you for your services. You are required to pay for Google’s services only when a customer chooses to approach you. If you think your business needs a marketing boost through Google Local Services Ads, feel free to contact ROCKET LAUNCH MEDIA, A  Google Local Services ads expert.

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